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Goodman Masson


We are Goodman Masson

Based in London, Dusseldorf and New York we specialise in hiring across Finance, Technology and Specialist Markets.

We are not your typical recruitment & RPO firm.

We remain fascinated with the modern workplace and how the world of work has changed.

We feel privileged that we help companies grow by finding and keeping great people and helping others find new and exciting opportunities. We love how we are able to sit at the centre of this change.

We want to be known as the first recruitment company to help its clients keep their people by sharing our knowledge of the modern workplace.

With over 40 major awards for Recruitment and Engagement (more than any other in our sector) we believe we are well placed to do it.

So for many of our clients we are asked to not just do their recruitment but advise on their working environment and employer brand…three things we believe we do very very well! 

Our people are at the heart of our business…

We focus heavily on providing our teams with the best training, rewards, opportunities and working environment.

The centrepiece of everything we stand for with five central pillars that are based around WORK, GROW, REWARD, CONNECT, supported by one simple commitment from our people…that we give 100% all of the time. And it has made us who we are today.

It is our commitment to modernising the workplace and ensuring that work is a place that inspires, engages, challenges, excites and is fun…the perfect blend for rigorous business performance.

WORK - Our promise to provide our people with the right tools and infrastructure that offers the best possible chance of performing.

GROW - Our promise that your career is a journey of progression and success…where learning and development is continual and allows you to seek and take opportunities.

REWARD - A commitment to maintaining a top decile bonus scheme designed to support any financial ambitions. Our flexible benefits package, The Benefits Boutique®, was created by considering the modern day challenges our people face and linked to their lifestyle and wellbeing such as buying a house, becoming first time parents or financing long distance holidays. Our benefits reflect these challenges.

CONNECT - A promise to create an environment that people want to be part of and don’t want to leave. You'll benefit from free daily breakfast, weekly massages, your birthday off, an annual subsidised ski trip, and our famous chill out room.

The 5th Pillar - The 5th Pillar and arguably the most important! And this is your unwavering commitment to The Experience…100% all of the time.

Recruitment is for everyone. We want to be a consultancy which is equally lead by, influenced by, and built by recruiters who are representative of cities we are based in; London, NY and Dusseldorf.

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