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EON Reality

North West

We are EON Reality

The world-leading tech company that's dedicated to ensuring everyone on the planet has access to knowledge as a basic Human Right.  

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

EON Reality is a world-leading tech company working with enterprise clients around the globe to deliver highly innovative and market-leading Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) learning solutions.

We believe in working collaboratively and life in the Academy reflects what life is like in our commercial studio in the UK and around the world. Our students are given fantastic opportunities to come up with and then work on innovative, creative ideas, and our team working in the Academy are incredibly supportive of students' learning journey.

Socially, there is always something going on in the Academy. We have regular quizzes and catch ups outside of work – whether that’s going for a coffee, eating pizza or going bowling. We also ensure that all students take regular breaks while in the office and, thanks to a pool table and games consoles on site, there's always lots to do in down time.

We also get together as a whole business for social events throughout the year, including our Christmas Party.

Having fun together helps us to maintain our strong team spirit –  whether they're in the Academy or wider business, people at EON Reality genuinely enjoy coming together to work on a project and see the end result. We also make sure we praise any successes that individuals or teams do have, which helps us maintain our friendly and collaborative environment. Whenever someone successfully joins the commercial studio or training team after graduating from the Academy, celebrations will follow.

Training at the Academy


You have access to high-end technology and the knowledge of industry based experts. You choose the skill set you want to develop.

Our Graduates - Who we are

Alex's Story


[After the Academy] I was sent around the world, to places like Mauritius and Saudi Arabia, to take on full teaching courses at other academies EON Reality runs.

Alex's graduate story.

  • Studied Media Technology at Manchester Metropolitan University

  • While still at university, visited EON Reality and saw the amazing technology they had access to. After graduation, successfully applied to join the Academy and began in September 2014

  • After finishing the Academy, was offered a permanent job as a Junior Developer in the studio

  • A few months later, was given a promotion to Assistant Trainer. This involved supporting new arrivals into the Academy in Manchester, as well as spending time overseas training new recruits in academies run by EON  Reality internationally

  • After returning to the UK, was offered a full Developer role before being promoted again to a Development Supervisor

  • Now oversees a development  team, leading projects and supporting all team members

Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


Mark Bridgeman, Managing Director of EON Reality UK

Established in 1999, we were founded on a belief that knowledge is a Human Right and should be available, accessible and affordable for everyone on the planet. Since then, we have rapidly grown into a global business: we now have a presence in 25 countries, including our UK hub based in Manchester, which was launched in 2013.

Grounded by 18 years of enterprise and development expertise, we value innovation and it is our vision to improve learning globally, creating future Smart Nations.

We have created the de-facto standard for AR and VR software, which supports devices from mobile phones all the way through to large immersive domes. Our global app development network, with twenty-two locations internationally, has created the world’s leading AR/VR library to assist with the transfer of knowledge. It comprises of over 7,000 applications, which have been downloaded by over 36 million people worldwide.

Our core principles, which inform our company culture and the way we innovate products, are:

1. We believe Knowledge is a Human Right

2. We are improving learning and knowledge transfer everywhere: let’s learn faster, remember longer, decide better

3. We are committed to innovation

4. We are future proofing business worldwide.

We look for fast learners, technical and creative people, as well as those who show real passion, enthusiasm and a keen interest in the world around them, the ways we develop virtual and augmented realities and the way people learn. If that sounds like you, then apply today.

Jobs at EON Reality