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Elevate Education

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We are Elevate Education

Armed with years of research into the top study techniques for Further and Higher Education, Elevate Education has supported over 250,000 students to success across the globe.

Our Culture - What we do

Elevate Education is an award-winning study skills company delivering seminars at 1,250 schools across the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and the United States.

We want to say goodbye to the traditional half-day study skills lectures, where students get bored out of their minds listening to the same old advice.

We’ve created a revolutionary approach to learning that delivers results. Over 700 senior schools across the UK have already chosen us for one key reason: our programme genuinely works.

Our strong focus on internal succession means that most of our team have moved over the years from presenting into full-time sales, content development, or even international expansion.

Our young presenters (of which we have about 120 around the world) are current students and graduates who have achieved top marks at school.

They deliver each seminar with their own experience and flair, enabling students to engage with the skills, and creating true behavioural change. 

Our young and enthusiastic team make Elevate a fun and supportive working environment, where every day is different and exciting.

Our award-winning seminars draw on techniques utilised by the UK's top students, and after 15 years of experience and detailed research, we’ve found that any student can improve performance by tapping into, and replicating, these techniques.

Our Culture


We don’t draw in one type of person, it is a rainbow of personas…  you’re going to find someone who you get on with.

Although I was very interested in teaching, I really wanted to do some sort of mentoring…which is exactly what Elevate Education gave me the opportunity to do.

Career Progression


Our Graduates - Who we are

Charlie's Graduate Story


It’s a fantastic job that I never would have expected coming straight out of university.

We’ve just expanded into America, we’re operating in South Africa [and] we’re expanding rapidly in the UK as well.

Colin's Graduate Story


Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


James, Director

Elevate is an international education company that makes a tangible difference to school students’ lives. Very simply, we do this by using high performing university students and graduates to deliver seminars that improve student achievement.

For 14 years we have worked with some of the brightest minds, developing an alumni network of presenters that have gone on to become comedians, film producers, business leaders and entrepreneurs. 

Internal training is a huge part of what we do, because when we get really good people on board we want to help them to grow and to develop.

Graduates always have been and always will be an essential part of Elevate Education's future. They are the role models upon which our research and seminars are based, and our Youth Mentors and Presenters do a fantastic job of inspiring young people to follow in their footsteps.

Jobs at Elevate Education