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We are Diversey

Providing smart cleaning and hygiene solutions to businesses of all shapes and sizes, we're dedicated to keeping our world in good health.

Our Culture - What we do

We are a global organisation, operating in more than 175 countries. We cover the Building Management, Hospitality, Food Service, Retail, Health Care, Education and Government sectors.

We aim to increase productivity, enhance food safety and prevent infections using a combination of new technology enabled services and systems.

We are the only cleaning solutions provider to offer a complete line-up of professional and cost-effective cleaning products, tools, machines, services and consulting to organisations of any size.

Our motto is: ‘To Create a Better Way for Life’. Sustainability and innovation are therefore at the heart of everything we do. We are constantly thinking of new techniques and solutions to improve our planet, forever.

We have more than 1,500 Scientists, Engineers, equipment and application experts based in more than 56 labs and research facilities. We also have more than 3,600 patents.

Jobs at Diversey