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We are DataGuidance

A team of Technology and Privacy Law experts, acting as the eyes and ears on the ground for multinational organisations across the globe.

Our Culture - What we do

We are a young company with big ambitions: yet, we know that our growth depends on the quality of the people we recruit.

We will give you the opportunity to make a difference from the start, visiting conferences and events around the world and taking responsibility for your own success. If you put the work in, develop your skills and master the position, there is no limit to what you can achieve.

We have collaborative culture and we believe in inspiring innovation. People are encouraged to come up with brilliant ideas and contribute to the direction of the company; if you have an idea, we want to hear it. That's why everyone looks forward to coming into work on a Monday.

We're located in the heart of bustling Shoreditch, close to transport links and an excellent night life.

In fact, our offices are based a stone's throw from where they filmed the video for the Verve's smash hit 'Bitter Sweet Symphony'.

Our Graduates - Who we are

Alexander's Graduate Story


"The industry in which DataGuidance is situated, Privacy, is growing quickly and is very exciting."

"We have pizza, pub nights and company outings. I feel like the company is really responsive to our opinions."

Emily's Graduate Story


Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


David Longford, CEO

Founded in 2007, DataGuidance helps multinational companies comply with the increasingly complex, ever-evolving laws and regulations surrounding privacy and technology.

We provide an expert, specialist legal resource to big businesses, high ranking lawyers and professionals in order to make it easier for them to stay safe. 

Our aim is to keep growing. We will do this by building more and more long-lasting relationships with massive global companies until we reach our goal: we want to become the market-leader in the industry. 

Graduates have always played a key part of our growth and they always will do. We're more interested in the ideas that you have than the experience that you can bring to us.

Show us that you have a genuine interest in the industry and the desire to work hard and learn, and we will support and progress you.

Jobs at DataGuidance

We currently have no job openings on GradTouch.