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Cranberry Panda


We are Cranberry Panda

We match great companies with great people in ecommerce and, to be honest, we're pretty good at it. 

Our Culture


Our Culture - What we do

Cranberry Panda's purpose is to ‘create Happiness – one job at a time’ within the world of ecommerce. 

Where does our name come from? Well, cranberries are a super fruit and pandas are rare. The name therefore reflects the way that we locate the most talented, sought after people in ecommerce.

We all love what we do and we support each other to improve, every day. This culture not only ensures ambitious people thrive, it also means everyone genuinely enjoys coming into work on a Monday. All our pandas are driven and each has the total belief that they can succeed and make a real difference to the company as a whole.

We offer learning opportunities that you simply won't get elsewhere. You will be free control your own progress and be given access to the right training to help you get there. You'll also get guidance from your managers and peers, in groups every week as well as during regular 1:1 meetings. It is our aim to help everyone become exceptional.

We like to say thank you for a job well done. Every week, we give the staff members that have received the most praise the chance to treat themselves with a ‘lucky dip’ in our box of prizes. You can also earn extra monetary incentives, such as the £100 monthly dash, and there are always holidays to Portugal and more to enjoy too.

We're a sociable bunch - our offices are located in Shoreditch, so there's always new places to discover for company meals and drinks after work. We often hold more formal company wide events too. Ever seen a panda skiing? We all went on a company ski trip last year. And the year before that? We went to the Algarve for a long weekend. Oh, and we had one of the Masterchef finalists cook us a dinner for our Christmas party.

Training at Cranberry Panda


Our training allows our Consultants to be experts in their area.

Our Graduates - Who we are

Jason's Graduate Story


 I had an idea I wanted to go into Recruitment, so I looked at GradTouch, found that Cranberry Panda was on there and the rest is history.

I'd always had perceptions from other people about how Recruitment is very serious, very Sales driven... But when I arrived at Cranberry Panda, it was nothing like that. It's very relaxed.

Chris' Graduate Story


Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


Jonathan Hall, CEO and Founder

At Cranberry Panda, we find great ecommerce talent for big Retail teams to help them grow their business online.

Our purpose is 'to create happiness, one job at time' - whether that's the happiness of the amazing candidates that we work with or our clients, who include: John Lewis; Jimmy Choo; Ted Baker; Tommy Hilfiger; Deliveroo; FeelUnique and around 150 more spectacular organisations.

We focus purely on ecommerce, which makes us unique. It also means that we are the agency that companies and ecommerce people turn to. Our founders have been in the sector since 1999, which means we have developed a deep knowledge of this world - knowledge that is passed on to all of our Consultants.

We're also an active member of the ecommerce industry more generally. We co-host and sponsor events and we have good media partnerships with some of the biggest conferences in the sector.

We have exciting plans for the future. We are a niche agency but want to become the biggest in the UK, before expanding internationally. It is our ambition to triple the size of the business in the next three years. Graduates are an integral part of this growth; we want to bring them in and help them up the ladder. 

Jobs at Cranberry Panda