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Colossus Bets


We are Colossus Bets

Provider of the world's biggest sporting jackpots and the brains behind some of the industry’s most influential innovations.


Our Culture

Thinking up and developing some of the Sports and Gaming industry’s most influential innovations sets us apart. So does a great working environment, which keeps us in the office for all the right reasons. A well-stocked fridge, team lunches on Fridays and multiple staff days out a year probably help as well!



Our Recruitment Process


There is plenty of scope at Colossus to grow your own career.

Our careers

Colossus Bets is a fantastic and dynamic place in which to start your career. An ideal choice for someone looking to get started in the sector, we give you the opportunity to take ownership of areas that excite you and to control your own career.

Our Graduates   

Charlotte's Graduate Story


With Colossus being a start up, you get a lot of exposure to different things. You can try different areas within the company.

Our Future - Where we're going

Why Graduates Are Key to Our Future


Bernard Marantelli, Founder

Founded in 2012, we are the provider of the world's biggest sporting jackpots, with the ‘£1,000,000 Correct Score Pick 6’ Football predictor being our headline game alongside our industry changing 'Syndicates' product. We think sports jackpots will rival lotteries in the future, as more customers seek to join the thrill of sport with a dream big win.

Since Colossus Bets launched, alongside Football we have added Tennis, NBA and NFL pools to our portfolio, and we did not stop there. As of summer 2018 we have been running modern Horse Racing pools and will soon be branching out further into areas such as E-Sports.

We operate our own website, as well as hosting products with a number of leading gambling operators, headed by the likes of Bet365 in the UK and Betway in Africa

Core to our philosophy is giving the customer fair value and our Partial Cash Out feature gives players control of their own destiny.

World-domination is our plan, making our million pound plus pools a leader in the sports betting and lottery market for years to come, with innovation being at the heart of what sets us apart. But where do graduates fit in? We are a young company and recognise that graduates are the key to our growth and development.

As a start-up, our graduates can learn and progress more quickly here; we offer more responsibility, trust and hands-on training than bigger firms with a larger intake and team. Check out our corporate website for more information on what drives Colossus forward.

Jobs at Colossus Bets