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We are Circl

         Circl exists to create a world where everyone can lead.

What we do

We deliver coaching training to groups of professionals whose skills are then embedded and refined through 1:1 coaching of 16 to 18 year-old school pupils.

For businesses, it’s a great way to develop core leadership skills in their employees, whilst engaging them and achieving social impact. For students, it’s an opportunity to develop key communications skills that will set them apart as future employees, as well as seeing life inside a successful business.

We work with global brands

In our first year we’ve worked with clients including Facebook, Uber and Etsy. We've even launched a partnership with the Academy of Executive Coaching plus even more exciting collaborations lined up for next year (Google and Innocent to name just two). We place equal emphasis on commercial success and social impact.

We help young people succeed 

In an age of smart phone addiction and a future where many jobs will be automated, helping people develop leadership skills has never been more of an important challenge.

Simultaneously, young employees and consumers have never put so much pressure on companies to be more socially conscious.

Our mission is to support high potential school students into becoming future leaders while helping companies build a coaching culture.

How it all works 

Each business professional coaches a school pupil 1:1 in 4 carefully structured sessions over a year. They take responsibility for helping the student build trust, listen actively, and understand non-verbal communication. 

Because it is a very real situation, with the student coming into the office and relying on the professional for their learning, the professional gets a level of practice with these skills that no conventional training programme can offer. The sense of purpose is equally real: if a professional can equip a young person with the skills of the future, they will literally have transformed their life.

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