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We are the largest and most creatively awarded advertising agency in the UK, with a brand portfolio filled with labels that you love from across the world.

Our Culture - What we do

We create all sorts of adverts (TV, radio, outdoor, digital, social and experiential) for some of the biggest brands in the world - including Guinness, Snickers, Pepsi Max, Mercedes-Benz and Virgin Holidays.

We work with 92 brands - their marketing departments tell us exactly what their business challenges are and what they want to achieve. It's then our job to devise both the strategy and 'creative' (what everything will actually look like) for an appropriate advertising campaign. If and when the brand loves it, we'll go and make it - before unveiling it to the general public and hopefully making our clients very happy.

AMV is the UK office of the BBDO network, the third largest agency network in the world with 288 offices across 80 countries. BBDO is recognized as the world's most creative and effective agency network - having been awarded Network of the Year at Cannes five times and currently holding the title of the Gunn Report's most creative agency network.

Our core principle is super simple: 'if we look after our employees, everything else will take care of itself.'

We care about two things:

1) The quality of our creative ideas; we want each and every advert we produce - whether it's a massive TV ad or a tiny digital banner - to be as 'creative' and effective as possible.

2) We care about each other. It's vital we create as friendly and relaxed an environment as possible at AMV - because it ensures everyone feels confident enough to speak their mind and contribute to the ideas.

We don't have rigid hierarchies; we strongly believe a brilliant, effective and award-winning idea can come from everywhere including, of course, from our brand new AMV Academy recruits.

Fitting with our ethos, we'd like to think we take good care of everyone. We have a bar inside the office, which is open every night of the week and always free. The day you join, you're given the latest iPhone on an unlimited contract (which you're welcome to use for personal purposes as well as work ones). We offer free cooked breakfast every day - and free snacks and drinks all the time.

In addition, every other Thursday is 'Treat Thursday': when boxes and boxes of Krispy Kremes, ridiculously tasty brownies or sausage rolls fresh from the nearby Borough Market, arrive on everyone's desks. Everyone receives full BUPA Health and Dental cover, and can enjoy free personal training sessions and subsidised company yoga classes.

We have our own tennis, football and netball teams - and give everyone 2 extra days of annual leave per year for volunteering. The office closes at 3pm on Fridays during summer months, and we're famous for holding some of the biggest Xmas and Summer parties in the industry.

Once a month, the whole agency comes together in our bar area for a 'Bar Meet', where we watch all the new ads we've produced over the last month, celebrate the achievements and successes of teams - and also those of specific individuals who have gone above and beyond their line of duty. Every month, a number of prizes are awarded: the 'Account Man of the Month' (nominated by line managers) is given £200 cash and two teams are given budget to go for a lovely meal (and, often, crazy drinks after!).

Outside of these, lots of less formal celebrations and recognitions take place. If a team has a particularly good day, they'll more often than not finish early and take themselves off to celebrate in a nearby pub or restaurant.

We really do believe AMV Academy training is exceptional. Your initial 6-week programme is the ultimate whistle-stop intro to the world of advertising - you meet some of the most influential & inspiring figures in the industry, spend time with our friends at Facebook and Google and shadow employees from every department in the building. We see you guys as the future leaders of both our agency and the industry: it's no coincidence that our last CEO - Ian Pearman - started as a grad here and rose to Chief Operating Officer without ever working anywhere else.

AMV is great for career progression too: the trajectory is very transparent and clear. One of the Account Management deputy heads will be responsible for your growth, and regularly checks in with you to ensure you have everything you need to excel.

What is the AMV Academy?


You will be able to take the brands that you know and love and explore them in a whole new, different way.

AMV's amazing for all the wonderful, exciting, intelligent people you get to meet. You're challenged and invigorated every day.

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