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We are Alfa

There's so much more to life at Alfa than the job description.


About Us


We are at heart a Software and Consultancy business.

We write Alfa systems, which is software dedicated to the Finance industry, but on top of this we work closely with our clients to implement this and effect business change.

We put a lot of time and effort into ensuring we have a really good culture. We need our people to work hard but that doesn’t necessarily mean long hours. We like to make things better together therefore we hire people who are inclusive, collaborative and supportive to those around them.

There are various communities you can get involved with from day one including the Inclusion & Diversity, LGBTQ+, Alfa for Racial Equity and Women's groups. There is also plenty of opportunity to get involved with volunteering, through our CSR and Green teams.

Having a great  time at work is incredibly  important to us.

We organise regular social talks, events and well-being activities and throughout the year, we hold Innovation Afternoons and an annual Hackathon as your chance to collaborate with others and let your great ideas grow.

You will also get to spend time with the whole organisation every couple of months at our company meetings which are a mix of business updates, guest speakers and fun activities. If you are interested in activities outside of work there are groups to join such as running, tennis and board games.

Furthermore we usually have a trip overseas (travel permitting) for our Annual Conference which is always something to look forward to!

Our relatively small size lends itself to an atmosphere that is both inclusive and collaborative, and we enjoy the luxury of knowing all of our colleagues.

We offer amazing career progression opportunities.

It’s a telling sign when you look at how many of our senior management joined as graduates.

There is so much opportunity here that it is no wonder people remain with us to help us grow and develop.

Jobs at Alfa