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Agrial Fresh Produce

North West

We are Agrial Fresh Produce

By focusing on our four values of perennity, proximity, solidarity and ambition, we will cultivate our roots and open up to the world.

What we do

We are a farming and food cooperative who are multi-specialists that support our members every day. We process and sell their productions in 4 sectors: milk, fresh vegetables and fruit, beverages and meat. 

Originally based in Normandy, our Group has regularly expanded since its creation to become one of the leading French farming cooperatives and is today present in Europe, Africa and the United States.

We welcome a new generation of talent

Whether they are farmers or employees, the men and women who make up Agrial are our company’s driving force. This is why our group wants to be appealing by concentrating on current and future employees and members. We always aim to be capable of offering perspectives and promoting commitment from everyone.

We are committed to sustainable development

We support the development of responsible and high-performing agriculture to meet the expectations of our customers. This is something that helps contribute to the success of our 13,000 member farmers. Within the UK salad businesses, we work with major multiple retailers, wholesalers, convenience and food service sectors with our main brand is Florette bagged salad.

Agrial employs 22,900 throughout the world and we work towards reconciling humility, ambition and responsibility. This is so that we achieve our commitment to sustainable development which can be summarised as follows: share all the strengths of our powerful and resilient cooperative model in order to develop sustainable and nourishing agriculture and responsible and healthy food.

Jobs at Agrial Fresh Produce