How To Make Your Blog A Success

Having already covered why blogging is so important, the next step is to make your blog a success. It's all well and good telling interviewers you've got a blog, but if it gets no traction, what use is it?  

Employers want to see how you will add value to their company. If you can hand them a load of statistics proving how great your blog is, it'll be hard for them to say no!

Take note:

1. Stick with it

95% of blogs fail. Often it's because they don't gain a substantial readership and the author gives up. What a waste of energy!

     • No one ever said blogging was going to be easy, in fact, often it might be quite difficult.

     • You probably won't see immediate results, and this can be disheartening. Consequently, many people give up after just a few months - but not you! 

Did you know? 60% of bloggers spend less than 3 hours a week on their blog. If you put in the hours, you'll be in the top 40% and, therefore, better than over half the bloggers out there... Excellent start!

2. Update it regularly 

Readers will want to see that you are active, otherwise where's the incentive to follow you?  

     • Updating your blog regularly will force you to research and seek out new content, thus widening your knowledge on your chosen subject. Soon enough, you’ll be an expert and then you’ll have something tangible to build upon in the future – a business perhaps?!

     • It will also prove your commitment, which is half the battle of a successful blog.

Did you know? 40% of people are more likely to engage with content that is regularly updated.

3. Make it interactive

Where possible, use links, images, videos etc.

     • As much as your writing might be wonderful and your insight inviting, text can get boring. Spice it up a little with images, videos and links. This will encourage the reader to interact with the site and it delivers a greater sensory experience – much more enticing than plain prose!

     • Look into creating your own visuals as well, learning the basics of Photoshop and 'GIF making' will look seriously impressive on your CV, plus it’ll be fun!

Did you know? Articles with images get 94% more views!

4. Create interesting titles

You need to entice your audience within the first second, so your titles need to be immediately alluring.

     • Have a think about how your title would come up in a search engine. Is it something that a lot of people would type into Google? Is it immediately engaging? It might be an idea to write down a few title options before making your final decision.

     • Remember, it doesn’t matter how captivating your content is; if no-one sees it it’s totally redundant!

Did you know? 70% of internet users read blogs. That's an impressive audience, so make sure yours stand out! 

5. Be original

Bland content will blend in with the rest of the internet's trappings and get lost. You need to stand out among the other 164 million blogs out there!

     • You’ll be hard pushed to create totally original content, and that’s fine, but what you do create needs to have a new angle. Whether that is funny, serious or just plain weird – it doesn’t matter so long as it’s different – there will be an audience out there!

     • This is a chance for you to put your personality onto paper. Employers like to see what your passions and hobbies are, it’ll help to paint a picture of the ‘real you’.

Did you know? 53.3% of bloggers are between the ages of 21 and 35. That's a big gap, you're bound to find someone who likes your stuff!

6. Keep it short

     • You might have loads to say, which is great, but keep your audience in mind. Generally speaking 250 words max works best.

Did you know? The average page visit lasts for less than a minute. 

7. Shout about it

Content is only half the battle. 

     • A successful blog also relies on a lot of strategic promotion and not only via Facebook and Twitter! It's important for you to create content that you want to share and to explore all avenues available to you - Tumblr, Pintrest, Instagram and more. 

     • Keep an eye (and ear) out for occasions to promote your blog. The people you meet, the events you attend and the blogs you read will all provide opportunities to further advertise your work.

     • The easiest way to get readers for your blog is to convince other blogs (preferably ones that already have a good following) to let you post your work on their site, that way they can send readers your way. Although this may take time so don't get downhearted if nothing materialises straight away! 

Did you know? Facebook alone has 1.2 billion users! It's difficult to fathom just how many people there are who could be reading your blog, so never stop promoting!

We've enlisted the help of blogging experts to give you some further encouragement and advice: 

“Create blog posts that answer the most interesting questions from people you engage with on social media”. 

     Dave Larson, founder of @tweetsmarter

“Write for yourself first & foremost. Ignore the fact that anyone else will read what you write; just focus on your thoughts, ideas, opinions and figure out how to put those into words. Write it and they will come”.

     Adii Pienaar, founder of PublicBeta

“Consistency is one of the most important things that bloggers tend to forget. It’s much easier to lose your traffic than it is to build it up, so make sure you consistently blog.”

     Neil Patel, founder of KISSmetrics

“The best blog posts are timely, urgent, insightful, entertaining, useful, personal and backed up by data. Of these, useful is by far the most important”.

  Doug Kessler, a well-known UK blogger

“The goal isn't getting and keeping followers, it is getting and keeping attention.” 

  Eric Wittlake, blogger

With this advice under your belt, you should be well armed to embark on a successful blogging career. What are you waiting for?

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