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If you want to work abroad, don't miss out on these 6 graduate jobs

Can't decide whether to go travelling or get a graduate job? How about combining the two?

We’ve picked out some graduate jobs that will give you a ticket out of the UK and a taste of working abroad. Don’t leave it too late to apply – they’re all hiring right now



1. AlphaSights - Associate Programme Germany 

  • Hamburg, Germany 
  • £34,000 + bonuses 
  • Deadline: ASAP

Want to live in the home of Einstein, Adidas and the first ever bicycle? AlphaSights are hiring for their office in Germany and they're accepting all degree backgrounds, all you need is to be fluent in German. Who knows, you could join the list of great successes from Germany...




2. deVere Group - Trainee Associate Wealth Advisor 

  • International 
  • £25,000 - £40,000 OTE
  • Deadline: ASAP

You can't get much more international than deVere Group. On your first day you'll jet off on a three-week, all-expenses-paid training programme in Malta, then you'll pick one of 71 worldwide offices to start your career in. After 18-months you'll be an International Wealth Advisor, ready for a lifetime of travel and a salary of up to £250,000 + in just four years.




3. City Travel Review - Travel Researcher and Reviewer 

  • Europe
  • Placement
  • Deadline: ASAP

Join this unique project and combine your love of travel while gaining creative work experience. Live and work in a foreign country, immerse yourself in their culture, explore their hidden treasures and then put your experiences into words and produce a professional travel guide. This adventure could last any time from three weeks to two months, you decide.  




4. Colas Rail - Management Programme

  • Nationwide 
  • Competitive 
  • Deadline: 30 June 2018

Colas Rail's Management Programme produces high quality leaders and Operational Managers of the future. Not only will you be travelling around the UK on at least three placements, work hard and you'll get the opportunity to work in Malaysia or Vietnam in your second year on the programme. 




5. English First - EFL Teacher 

  • China 
  • 16,400RBM (around £1,851) per month 
  • Deadline: ASAP

Wish you did a year abroad or want to do another? Apply to EFL and you can spend a year teaching English in China. Over the 12 months you'll have a unique experience living in a different country, gaining an array of skills that will be useful in any career you go into. 




6. Mindbench - Executive Researcher 

  • Tower Bridge, London
  • £22,000 - £25,000 + commission 
  • Deadline: ASAP

Although this company's HQ is located in our bustling capital, Mindbench are a global business and as a Recruitment Executive you'll be given opportunities to work in the Americas, Asia and Europe. You better keep your passport to hand, as Mindbench also enjoy celebrating success with company holidays abroad - in the past these have included Madrid and Barcelona.