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8 small companies hiring graduates right now

Just because a company is big, it doesn't mean it's better.

At a small company, rather than being one of hundreds (or even thousands) of newbies, you are one of few, meaning you'll be more likely to progress your career faster than perhaps you would at a larger organisation.

The companies below are all hiring graduates right now - but you better hurry, as they don't have many spaces to fill!


1. Octopus Energy - Graduate Energy Specialist

  • Where: Leicester
  • Salary: Competitive
  • When to apply: ASAP

Being an extremely fast-growing scale-up, Octopus Energy can offer their graduates fantastic opportunities for quick progression. Joining their Customer Operations team, you'll find yourself working in a friendly, relaxed office where you'll be rewarded with high levels of responsibility, encouraged to influence and direct vital areas of the business from the very beginning. 




2. Colossus Bets - Betting Pools Operator

  • Where: Kings Cross, London
  • Salary: £21,000
  • When to apply: ASAP

Launch your career at a start-up that's transforming the Gaming industry. Colossus Bets are still a small company, but they're growing fast, and they're offering ambitious, independent-thinking graduates like you the opportunity to grow with them. If you're interested in sport and want to join a team where you'll be able to progress quickly, this is the role for you.




3. Knowit - Talent Scout

  • Where: London
  • Salary: £20,000 - £27,000 OTE
  • When to apply: ASAP

As a Talent Scout at Knowit, you'll launch your Recruitment career within a nurturing environment, where you'll be given the autonomy to define your own career path. Unlike some other companies in the industry, they believe that modern recruitment is not purely about KPIs, long hours and call times, but collaboration and individuality. 




4. Delphis Eco - Sales Admin

  • Where: Battersea, London
  • Salary: £20,000
  • When to apply: ASAP

Delphis Eco might be a small, close-knit company, but they're also the UK's leading manufacturer of ecological cleaning products. Join their Sales team in Battersea, London as an Administrator and enjoy working in a supportive environment where you'll have real responsibility from day one. You'll also benefit from company socials, bonuses and even office dogs! Click below to find out more.




5. Murray McIntosh & Associates - Trainee Recruitment Consultant

  • Where: Reading
  • Salary: £18,000 - £20,000 + commission
  • When to apply: ASAP

Murray McIntosh are using their size to their advantage: unlike large corporations, they have the time and resources to focus on their employees' individually, growing experts from within that can move up into senior roles. They have even built an accredited training platform for their employees, linked to the Institute of Recruiters.




6. SWAT - Graduate Chartered Accountant

  • Where: London and South East
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: ASAP

SWAT are partnered with 11 different small to medium firms and they'll match you with the one that best suits you. A big perk of training to be an Accountant in small to medium firms is that you'll get exposure to a variety of assignments and many different areas of client work. 




7. Tiro Partners - Trainee Recruitment Consultant 

  • Where: Clapham Common, London
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: ASAP

If you want to become an industry expert in Recruitment, Tiro Partners is for you. This boutique company will not only give you accredited training from the Institute of Recruitment, prove yourself and you could get the opportunity to start your own business - something only small companies are able to offer.




8. GradTouch - Developer

  • Where: Manchester
  • Salary: £20,000 - £25,000
  • When to apply: ASAP

We're only small, so there's just enough room to squeeze us into this article. We're hiring Developers to join our close-knit team in Manchester's Northern Quarter, if you're passionate about creating code and want to help us create the best graduate careers platform that the industry has ever seen, we want to hear from you.