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Jobs you can apply for now, but don't start until summer is over

Need a break after graduation, but want to secure a job first? 

At last, final year is over and it's time for a well deserved break. But how can you fully relax and enjoy the summer when there's a niggling feeling that you should have a job lined up? 

No need to worry, because these companies are hiring graduates right now and the start date isn't until September, or in some cases, almost a year away. So, whether you just need some time to press reset or you have bigger plans to travel the world before getting on the career ladder, there's an opportunity to suit everyone. 


1. AlphaSights - Graduate Associate Programme 

  • Where: London 
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: 2nd Dec 2019 

AlphaSights are looking for success-driven graduates to join them next January. In this client-facing role, you'll work with companies to identify gaps in their knowledge and connect them with industry experts who can answer their questions. AlphaSights aren't concerned about what subject you've studied as long as you're business-minded and keen to build a career in a leadership role. 




2. Roke Manor Research - Graduate Engineer - Information Security 

  • Where: Romsey 
  • Salary: Competitive
  • When to apply: ASAP 

Roke Manor Research are the UK's leading provider of independent research and technology services. Starting this September, you'll be responsible for making, breaking and securing technology in this role. You should be familiar with at least one programming language for this role, but you'll be fully supported throughout, with technical training, soft skills modules and lectures.




3. Worldpay - Commercial Development Graduate 

  • Where: London 
  • Salary: £36,000 + benefits 
  • When to apply: 8th Jul 2019 

If you're in need of a break but are keen to start a job in September, a role at Worldpay might suit you. As a Commercial Development graduate, you'll support the development, coordination and execution of a range of market and competitor initiatives. Worldpay are looking for strategic candidates who can analyse data and understand the market, but also feel confident in communicating with senior stakeholders. 




4. MBDA - Major Equipment Procurement Undergraduate 

  • Where: Stevenage 
  • Salary: £18,000
  • When to apply: ASAP 

In this role, you'll be the primary interface between MBDA and suppliers, ensuring suppliers are meeting deadlines and projects are running smoothly. You can look forward to a host of company benefits at MBDA, from flexible working to a share of the company bonus, and of course, no start date until September. 




5. PwC - Ethical Hacker 

  • Where: Cardiff 
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: 1 Dec 2019

If have plans to travel the world, this role at PwC doesn't begin until March 2020. You'll learn how to legally break into computer networks, websites and mobiles applications, help keep hackers out and learn how to support in the event of a major cyber incident. If you have a passion for cyber security and want to be a part of one of the largest graduate training programmes in the world, apply now. 




6. EY - Tax Graduate Programme 

  • Where: Nationwide 
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: 20 Jun 2019 

Starting in September but hiring now, EY are seeking graduates from any discipline who have a head for numbers. Throughout the programme, you'll work with global entrepreneurs, start-ups, multinational businesses and more to gain hands-on experience in every element of tax. Alongside this, you'll study for your qualifications, with the opportunity for promotion if you excel. 




7. Foxtons - Move Consultant 

  • Where: London & Surrey 
  • Salary: Competitive 
  • When to apply: 28 Jun 2019 

If you're a driven graduate looking to work in a dynamic environment, Foxtons are looking for you. As a Move Consultant, you'll become the property expert behind the Foxton brand, working with vendors and landlords throughout the sales process. You'll start in September and with the opportunity to go on exotic, overseas trips throughout the year, there is plenty of time for fun. 




8. CCS - Graduate Management Scheme 

  • Where: Birmingham & Liverpool 
  • Salary: £27,000
  • When to apply: 17 Jun 2019 

Join the company making waves in the UK Care market this September. If you want variety in your job, this scheme allows you to gain experience across several areas of the company. This hands-on experience will be supplemented by external training tailored to you. If you're a confident communicator, friendly and have a 2:1 in your degree, find out more right here.