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4 graduate jobs that will make you a manager in no time

Being a graduate doesn't have to mean entry-level work for your first few years in employment.

Thanks to intensive training, on-the-job mentoring and rapid progression within these industry-leading companies, there is the very real possibility that by this time next year you could be running the show.

Hit the links below and see for yourself.


1. Rusters - Graduate Scheme

  • Preston
  • £22,000
  • Deadline: 28 February 2018

This family-run business is offering a bright future to the right graduates: as part of their Graduate Scheme, you will be able to explore core business areas ranging from Marketing to Operations on a rotation system, with full support from a dedicated Graduate Manager throughout. With external training to supplement your hands-on experience, this is an all-round introduction into the world of Retail Management that will see you become part of the Rustlers family before you can blink.




2. Aldi – Trainee Area Manager

  • Nationwide
  • £44,000
  • Deadline: 12 January 2018

Jump head first into this challenging – but rewarding – role at Aldi. Based in one of their 9,000 stores you will experience every area of Retail Management, from Store Operations to Financial Administration, with the chance to put your knowledge to the test within weeks. Start on £42,000 and progress to a store-running, decision-making £70,000 within four years – apply today.




3. McDonald’s – Trainee Manager

  • Nationwide
  • £22,000
  • Deadline: 7 February 2018

Take the first step towards managing your own business with the globally-recognised golden arches. There’s a lot to learn but, with support from your team and accredited training with a choice of development options, you will soon be shaping your career exactly how you want it. Enjoy flexible hours and a £22,000 starting salary, alongside a range of benefits to suit you and your lifestyle.




4. Dawn Meats – Graduate Programme

  • Nationwide
  • Competitive
  • Deadline: 11 February 2018

As a producer and supplier of premium meat cuts to leading retail branches in the UK, Dawn Meats has opportunities across the business for curious, self-motivated grads to seize. Over two years you will contact every point on the supply chain, from Sales to Marketing and Accounting to Agriculture, whilst following a formal training programme that will ensure you are equipped with the skills needed to succeed at every stage. With no pre-conceived ideas and no limit on your career path, your skills and experiences can be uniquely tailored to the multitude of career opportunities available.