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9 graduate jobs that will future-proof your career

Amy O'Neill

As the pandemic continues to effect the way we work, many graduates are worried about finding meaningful employment in a job market which is constantly evolving. 

With lots of traditional businesses being forced to switch their operations online, the future now looks more digitally-driven than ever. With this sector-wide shift towards remote and flexible working in mind, we've collected a number of job opportunities you can apply for if you're looking to gain future-proof experience that will give your career longevity. 

These are jobs you can do from almost anywhere in the world, and are designed to help you hone your business acumen and gain valuable digital skills that you can carry into virtually any online role. You'll find positions available from NMPi, Oxford University Press, Sky, and Capital One. 


1. Paid Social Account Executive, NMPi

Paid Social is one of the fastest-growing advertising methods in digital marketing and involves learning how to place paid media across multiple social platforms, build social media marketing campaigns, and refine these campaigns based on analytical data and customer feedback. As such, this role will give you a number of transferrable skills to future-proof your career such as knowledge of paid social campaigns, the ability to create content that converts users into paying customers, as well as being able to track and report on your performance. 

Starting your career in Paid Social at NMPi will life within a digital marketing agency, collaborate with highly-creative and knowledgeable marketers, and gain valuable experience with a range of noteworthy clients and global brands. 

Location: London, UK

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2. Cloud Engineer (Graduate Programme), Kubrick Group

On Kubrick Group's (KG) Cloud Engineer Graduate programme, you'll become part of the next-generation technology workforce and be able to train in one of the most cutting-edge digital sectors such as Data, AI or Cloud. KG's in-depth, industry-leading programme trains graduates in the most sought-after skills, which is then followed by ongoing support and development opportunities as you progress through your post-graduate career.

After completing the programme, you'll have the confidence, experience, and skills necessary to apply for roles with some of the largest companies in the world - all while commanding a high salary of around £32,000-£40,000 per year. 

Location: London, UK

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3. A/V Content Creator, E.ON Next

Content creators are an essential part of branding - and as such, there's a high demand for talented individuals in this role across every employment sector. As a content creator, you'll be responsible for creating and directing the brand or business' creative media. This can range from blog posts, social media copy, or website articles - but A/V content creators also deal with audio/video content, which is becoming much more sought-after on many social platforms.

Working with E.ON as an A/V content creator, you'll play a key role is establishing the brand in its first year of launch, allowing you to gain valuable experience in crafting a creative brand from the ground up, experiment with a range of content forms, and fine-tuning your content towards a specific end-user/audience. 

Location: London (currently remote)

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4. Marketing Executive, Oxford University Press

Like content creation, marketing touches almost every sector of employment, and gaining experience in this field will open you up to a wide range of future roles and opportunities that will held you build a secure career. As a marketing executive, your role will involve the creation and implementation of various marketing methods to promote a specific client or business. You'll develop crucial interpersonal communication skills, organisational and time-management skills, and attractive leadership qualities that will serve you well in any profession. 

With Oxford University Press (OUP), you'll be provided with provide lots of training and support as you work closely with authors and internal stakeholders alike. In return, you'll be responsible for marketing analysis and reporting, monitoring author communications, and ensuring that these communications are in line with OUP's strategic objectives.

Location: Oxfordshire, UK

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5. Web Developer, KnoWho

Web developers are essential to the expansion of the e-commerce industry and make it possible for many businesses to survive and thrive online. According to Industry Research Reports, the web design services industry is projected to reach £548.9 million in 2021 - which means there'll be not shortage of potential roles in the coming years. As a web developer, you'll be designing and building website for all kinds of companies in order to help them build brands, manage digital transaction, and showcase their products or services. 

The web developer role at KnoWho is ideal for junior or mid-level developers with a basic knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, HTML and CSS (or a mixture of these coding languages) , however, it should be noted that they are also open to speak to candidate who may not fit these equabilities but are open and willing to learn and forge a new career in web development. 

Location: London (open to remote or flexible working)

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6. Copywriter, Landor & Fitch

The demand for copywriters has grown in recent decades as more and more companies adopt forms of digital marketing into their business strategies. It's not the same as content writing, since copywriter is actively meant to persuade the reader to take up a desired action, like buying a specific product or taking on a service. As a copywriter, you'll be able to develop transferrable skills such as SEO, market awareness, technical writing abilities and a good business acumen. 

As a copywriter with Landor and Fitch, you'll gain experience in writing copy for a range of clients and different medium from global taglines to weekly website copy. You'll also learn how to build brand voices and craft engaging narratives to keep customers invested, as well as having the opportunities to name new products and develop the companies wider digital strategy. To apply, you'll need to be creatively-driven, have a penchant for writing and be able to share a small portfolio of written work.

Location: London, UK

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7. UX Designer, Sky

UX designers help businesses to optimise and improve their user experience as they navigate the company's website or mobile applications. It's an incredibly useful skill to have under your belt while hunting for jobs in the digital sphere, since the significant skills shortage means that several high-profile companies are constantly on the look out for talented graduates to fulfil this demand.

Working with Sky, for example, you'll be able to contribute to creative solutions which fit their customers' needs, and also collaborate with the Sky design and development teams to build new experiences and evolve their operations. It's an ideal role for creative graduates who enjoy problem-solving and want to know more about the mechanics behind user interface design. 

Location: London, UK

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8. Data Analyst, AND Digital

The role of a data analyst is to collect and interpret analytical data in order to help the company make future decisions and improve their current customer experience. Like many of the roles listed here, you'll be future-proofing your career by developing essential digital skills and gaining familiarity with a number of data analysis techniques. 

At AND Digital, they're looking for candidates to help deliver their client projects in data, evaluate any internal business problems from the data collected, and support the company's Business Analysis and Product communities by helping to nurture your fellow team members. You'll need to demonstrate previous experience in the field of Data Analysis, Science or Analytics as well as a keen understanding of industry best-practice around standards, quality and continuous improvement.

Location: London, UK

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9. User Researcher, Capital One

As a user researcher with Capital One, you'll build the skills necessary to accurately assess and analyse customer behaviour in order to help the business optimise and improve their products and services. Understanding how users interact with products and services and knowing how to interpret and predict trends in the market is a highly sought-after skill that will allow you to explore a range of career options in marketing, media, and PR. To secure the role at Capital One, you'll need to have previous experience in conducting quantitative research and a Bachelor’s Degree in Research, Psychology, Marketing, Statistics, or other related field.

Location: Nottingham and London, UK

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