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These 10 cities have been rated the safest in the UK

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Deciding where to make your start after university just got a bit easier. 

New research has revealed the happiest, most welcoming, friendliest, most polite and safest places across the UK.

Personal finance firm, Provident Personal Credit, surveyed over 2,800 people about their local area. Respondents rated their location on several factors, on a scale from 1-10. 

Aberystwyth came out on top, with a score of 8.68. Aberystwyth was a consistently high scorer; it was also named number one for area upkeep and trustworthiness amongst residents. 

Meanwhile, London was rated the least safe city in the report for the second time in a row. 


Here are the top 10 safest towns and cities in the UK:


1. Aberystwyth 

Safety score: 8.68




2. Wrexham 

Safety score: 8.07



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3. Belfast

Safety score: 7.95




4. York 

Safety score: 7.89



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5. Worcester

Safety score: 7.84




=5. Aberdeen 

Safety score: 7.84




7. Plymouth

Safety score: 7.59




8. Glasgow 

Safety score: 7.49



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=8. Gloucester 

Safety score: 7.49



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10. Edinburgh 

Safety score: 7.45



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