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These are the 15 highest-paying Tech jobs in 2017

Charlie Benson
Content Marketing Executive

Grads with Tech skills are in increasingly high demand. And companies are willing to pay a lot of money for them. 

According to a recent report by CNBC, collating data collected by job search site Glassdoor, 'Enterprise Architect' and 'Applications Development Manager' are the job titles with the highest pay in the Industry. 

They compiled a list of the 15 most lucrative Tech roles in the USA. Though the results do apply specifically to those working in IT in the USA, the year in earnings looks just as good for Tech workers in the UK. 

Glassdoor also put out a list of the UK's highest paying companies in 2016 and the top 10 was dominated by Tech companies, holding five of the spots in the top 10. Banking and Consulting shared the remaining places at the top, with three and two entries respectively. 

Meanwhile, 'IT and Telecommunications Directors' made the list for the highest paid jobs in the UK in 2016, as reported by The Guardian



According to Glassdoor, salaries are high at Tech companies because there's a shortage of highly skilled employees in this area: 

"Booming demand on a global scale for software engineers, database administrators and data scientists has far outpaced the supply of these skilled, hard-to-find employees."

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Here are the 15 highest-paying jobs in Tech this year:


1. Enterprise Architect 

Median base salary: $112,560 

(approx. £91,016)


2. Applications Development Manager 

Median base salary: $112,045

(approx. £90,600)


3. Software Engineering Manager 

Median base salary: $109,350

(approx. £88,420)


4. IT Architect 

Median base salary: $105,303

(approx. £85,148)


5. Software Architect 

Median base salary: $104,754

(approx. £84,704)


6. Solutions Architect 

Median base salary: $102,678

(approx. £83,025)


7. Data Architect 

Median base salary: $102,091

(approx. £82,550)


8. IT Program Manager 

Median base salary: $98,883

(approx. £79,957)


9. UX Manager 

Median base salary: $98,353

(approx. £79,528)


10. Systems Architect 

Median base salary: $97,873

(approx. £79,140)


11. Scrum Master 

Median base salary: $95,167 

(approx. £76,952)


12. DevOps Engineer 

Median base salary: $94,603

(approx. £76,496)


13. Data Scientist 

Median base salary: $94,530 

(approx. £76,437)


14. Analytics Manager 

Median base salary: $93,597

(approx. £75,683)


15. Performance Engineer 

Median base salary: $92,142

(approx. £74,506)



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