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Top 5 reasons to pursue a career in food and fresh produce


The food and fresh produce industry has endless opportunities, and over the last 35 years, the MDS graduate scheme has produced a network of over 500 fresh produce leaders. 
MDS graduate scheme


Working with 55+ different organisations throughout the entire supply chain, MDS supports graduates in achieving career goals by providing you with the necessary tools to fast track your career:

  • Career development: Develop your skills and gain a professional qualification on a Level 5 Leadership and Management training programme accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.
  • Ongoing support, coaching and mentoring.
  • Exclusive annual networking events.
  • 4 varied 6-month roles - that's over 5 years' worth of experience in just 2 years.

Here are just a few reasons why the food and fresh produce industry is quickly becoming the top career choice for future-focused, highly motivated graduates who are ready to challenge themselves.

A huge impact
The agri-food industry is estimated to contribute around £120.2 billion to the UK economy annually as the largest manufacturing sector in the country, and it's going through rapid change. With huge impacts on food production from Brexit, the pandemic and climate change, MDS is seeking out resilient problem solvers who can help to overcome the many challenges being faced across the industry.

A better future
The industry is playing a vital role in working towards a better future. Food production is crucial in solving many of the significant environmental concerns that will impact future generations. Food and fresh produce leaders will play an essential role in meeting market demand and feeding an expected population of over 70 million. 

Diverse opportunities
Employing around 4 million people, the sector is full of diverse opportunities that can take you across the globe. Roles can range from environment and sustainability, science and technology, commercial, policy and much much more! With a career in food and fresh produce, you could be helping to develop robots that monitor the perfect conditions for sustainable crops or even helping to develop and market the latest delicious vegan burger. The diverse secondment opportunities on the MDS graduate scheme reflect this. You'll get a real farm to fork experience!

A vital industry with job security
Food belongs in all times and all places. While no industry or organisation is recession-proof, people will always need food in good and bad times. As a result, you can expect a vital and important career with job security.

High job satisfaction
Knowing that you are playing a real role in helping to put fresh fruit and vegetables in the hands of people across the globe creates a real sense of pride. As a result, fresh produce has some of the highest job satisfaction and retention rates. 

Apply now
Interested in pursuing a food and fresh produce career? On the MDS 2-year graduate scheme, you can try before you buy and experience up to 4 different roles with 4 different industry leading organisations to find your best fit. You don't need an agri-food degree or previous experience in the sector.

MDS is inclusive of all degree disciplines and experience. They value strong leadership potential and look out for highly motivated, hard-working individuals who are comfortable with challenging themselves and seeking out development opportunities.

Learn more about their graduate scheme here.

MDS Graduate Scheme