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A job in the fashion industry is one of the most highly sought after professions today. It can be extremely difficult knowing where to start, how to go about getting your foot in the door and how to finally grasp the golden ticket for all graduates: the dream job.

A face behind one of the UK’s leading online fashion brands reveals where it all started for him, reflects on moments of inspiration and spills his top 5 secrets to success. Meet George Burton, the Creative Manager at

Tell us about your first job in the industry.

I worked in a Jnr Graphic Design position at a Manchester publishing company, producing private sector magazines such as the Royal Institute of British Architecture.

What did you do there?

For the most part I created a lot of small advertisements, designed logos and ran quality checks on images for the publications. Only at the end of my role there did I actually start to design and layout pages.

Can you recall your first artistic memory?

Like most small children I used to feverishly draw but I suppose that was more a form of communication at that age than a conscious artistic expression. So I'd have to say it was when I was about 6 years old watching my grandfather in his workshop creating cabinets, tables and chairs. I think that gave me the perspective that there is creative potential in everything, even a block of wood.

If you weren’t working as a Creative Manager at, what would you be doing?

I would have been a Zoologist. I was taking the A-level options to study Zoology at University but a troop of lemurs (don’t ask), some pencils and a lot of time changed all that and I ended up going to Art College after finishing my A-levels.

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What inspires you?

There's a quote by American Vogue Editor Grace Coddington that sums up my inspirations: "Always keep your eyes open. Keep watching. Because whatever you see can inspire you."

Finally, what would your top 5 secrets to success be?

It’s all about experience. Do as much as you can whilst at university in terms of projects, on the job experience and modules. Get involved and make sure all of it is in some way relevant to the role you want.

Stand out from the crowd. When applying for jobs, my advice would be to make your application unique, really creative and more importantly, relevant to the company and the role you’re applying for. Don’t just fire out your CV. Tailor each one specifically.

Become an expert. To really impress a prospective employer, it is vital that you know any goings-on in the industry. Being able to talk about something significant within your chosen career field will give you the opportunity to show off your ability and present you with a chance to really connect with your interviewer on a common ground interest.

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t get your dream job straight away. Getting similar skills in a different range of roles can help you later down the line when you're looking for other jobs. Perhaps the job working in a clothes shop isn't exactly what you want, but it can teach you a lot about consumer behaviour, visual merchandising and customer service - knowledge which can be used later on in a job interview. There are always positives! You just have to be patient.

Network all you can. Knowing people is key. Always be alert and attentive to people you meet. You never know, the man you were sitting next to on the train to London or the lady you met at a family party last week could be the crucial contact you need to break into the industry.

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