18 Of The Coolest CVs We Could Find

Every job hunting graduate knows how important their CV is, but some people take it one step further - like these creative individuals. In need of a little inspiration? You've come to the right place. 

1. Everyone loves post.


2. What's in the box?

by Colm O Connor

3. For the music lovers.

by Martin Zarian

4. Granted, not everyone has this talent, but wow.

by jesss33

5. A stitch in time...

by Melissa Washin

6. Mmmm

by Benjamin Dooling

7. Vintage inspired travel pack.

by Brian Moose

8. A personal favourite.

by Miguel Rato

9. Facebook can be good for some things.

by Sabrina Saccocio

10. Doing one for the London tube might take a little more work...

by Jonathan Kaczynski 

11. If only we all had these skills!

by Mohammed Al-Mousa

12. If you've got enough experience, a timeline would be very effective.

by Anuraag Singhal

13. We want this. The chocolate mainly. 

by Charlotte Olsen

14. Starting to really want to become a Graphic Designer.

by Tudor Deleanu

15. 'I was born when I was only 0 years old'.

by FJ Garcia

16. Everyone loves a good game.

by supervandy

17. This just makes us really hungry.

by Jane Doe 

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Unfortunately we are not all creative genii and for those in need of a little help, we've got loads! Enjoy. 

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