10 Reasons Your CV Is Ruining Your Job Hunt

Below are some classic CV phrases that have become so overused that employers have become immune to them! Not only do they go unnoticed but they definitely don’t help your application, and may in fact be detrimental to it:


So basically what you’re trying to say is you like having a chat with your colleagues but don’t let it get in the way of your work.

Alternative: "I thrive around other like-minded and motivating characters, but nothing beats knuckling down to some alone time to get a job done."


Dynamic is a word that employers are now completely desensitised to thanks to it's overuse in CVs. Claiming to be an individual while using the same lines as thousands of others will also come across negatively to employers.

Alternative: when describing yourself, only do so in a way that is genuine. If an employer were to ask "How are you a dynamic individual?" you should be able to answer concisely with hard evidence. If you can't, leave it out.  


Be it communication, management or leadership. Didn't your primary school teachers tell you off for using “good” too often? They had a point.

Alternative: brag about your talents, but do so with a thesaurus in hand!


Every employer expects this of their employees. This is a phrase that is completely glanced over. Instead of telling someone you're hard-working, make a note of your greatest achievements and they'll be able to see it for themselves.

Alternative: "enthusiastic about the job at hand"


That’s right, it’s been used so much it no longer has a hyphen. Whether you're trying to prove your punctual track record or demonstrate that you can stick to a plan and not fall behind the workload, saying you have good timekeeping falls on deaf ears and has little to no meaning.

Alternative: "pride myself on my punctuality / can build a structured plan and have the focus to see it through" 


No self-respecting employee strives to achieve nothing. Explaining the results you've achieved in the past is essential when making this point, otherwise leave it out entirely.

Alternative: "motivated by targets and results / acumen to achieve" - followed by past experiences. 


"...data entry” - employers know it’s an exaggeration (or worse, a lie) - leave it out of the job section, but could perhaps be used appropriately in the personal section.

Alternative: All CVs should have a short paragraph on you as a person. (

Here’s one for you: eliminate all the clichés from your CV. If employers see this without any real evidence you'll be sniffed out as a buzzword junkie in no time. Note - here is a list ofYou’re trying to come across as both intelligent and sociable, and that’s great, but employers are looking for personality and you're not showing any - this blog on how to make your interests interesting should help!

Alternative: This is the one section of the CV where you get to be a bit different and show the real you - make the most of it as many employers will assume a lot about you - and you don't want them to think you're dull.


The lack of creativity in your CV suggests otherwise. Do yourself a favour and eliminate the contradictions.

Alternative: "will thrive in a role that gives me the creative freedom to see my ideas realised." 

Are you guilty of including any of these in your CV? Erase them, quickly! Or at least back them up. Add substance to your job applications instead of meaningless buzzwords and you’ll see that employers take you much more seriously.

Many of these clichés could be used effectively if only they were bolstered by past experiences. Don't leave it to chance, if you can demonstrate your skills as opposed to just talking about them - do it!

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