10 Buzzwords Overused By Graduates On The Job Hunt

Most of you are probably already familiar with LinkedIn and the reasons why it's important to be 'linkedin' - particularly as a job hunting student or graduate - it's the age we live in so keep up! But you may not be aware that your choice of 'buzzwords' could be potentially detrimental to your success - harsh, we know.

LinkedIn have published a list of the most overused words that students and grads fall foul of each year. So here's to the winners of 2013!   

1) Responsible 
2) Strategic 
3) Creative 
4) Effective 
5) Patient 
6) Expert 
7) Organisational 
8) Driven 
9) Innovative 
10) Analytical 

Right then, so how do we avoid this apparently endless conundrum? Here's how:

1. Active language: 
So, rather than listing adjectives, you should focus on demonstrating how it is you embody them! 

Example: "Whilst at university I was head of the poetry society, during this time I was responsible for organising performances in and around the city, liaising with venues, promoting events, handling the society's funds and raising the society's profile and numbers".   

In just one sentence you have successfully demonstrated that you are 'organised', 'responsible', 'creative', numerate, that you have a certain commercial awareness and an entrepreneurial flair. WOW. 

I'm not expecting you all to have been head of a poetry society, but you can see what I mean. Giving evidence for demonstrable skills is far more impressive than simply listing apparent strengths.

2. Specificity
Facing the dilemma of writing a CV when you lack experience? It can sometimes be difficult to write point after point about what you've done in your life which is why we advise you to describe any accomplishments you do have in detail.

If you've only worked in a restaurant, for example, generic attributes such as patience can be evidenced by way of the often hectic environment known in the industry and will, therefore, be self-evident. Instead focus on what you accomplished within or as a result of the job and elaborate on it; give reasons as to how certain tasks provided you with certain skills. 

For example, you may have noticed that the waitressing system was disorganised and took it upon yourself to implement a new one, thus proving that you are 'strategic', 'innovative' and 'organisational'. Again, WOW. 

3. Endorsements & References:

Try and get references from previous employers that prove your skills and employability. You should also encourage people to endorse you for certain skills listed on LinkedIn - blogging, teamwork and research to name a few.

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